Enrollment & Transfers



To keep up with growth, we are frequently building and opening new schools while regularly reviewing and monitoring enrollment. Due to the growing student population that has resulted from new development in the area, the district has enacted a cap on enrollment for the following campuses and grade levels:

  • Hubenak Elementary (Grades 1-5)
  • Huggins Elementary (Grades 1-5)

This enrollment cap is a temporary solution while the district continues to work towards building new schools in the area. New families with students moving into the attendance zone for these campuses will attend:

  • New Grade 1-5 students zoned to Hubenak will attend McNeill Elementary
  • New Grade 1-5 students zoned to Huggins will attend Morgan Elementary

Additionally, the district is closely monitoring enrollment at the following campuses and will enact an enrollment cap when capacity is reached:

  • Tamarron Elementary – Current capacity 1206 students
  • Frost Elementary - Current capacity 1118 students
  • Lindsey Elementary - Current capacity 1206 students

When it is determined that capacity has been reached, new Grade 1-5 students zoned to Tamarron and Frost will attend Jackson Elementary. New Grade 1-5 students zoned to Lindsey will attend Morgan Elementary.

Aviso de inscripción

Para afrontar el crecimiento habitacional estamos construyendo y abriendo con frecuencia nuevas escuelas, al mismo tiempo que revisamos y controlamos periódicamente el número de estudiantes inscritos en ellas. Debido a este aumento de población estudiantil generado en la zona, el distrito ha establecido un límite de inscripciones para los siguientes campus y grados:

  • Escuela Primaria Hubenak (Del 1º al 5º grado)
  • Escuela Primaria Huggins (Del 1º al -5º grado)

El límite de inscripciones es una solución temporal mientras el distrito continúa trabajando para construir nuevas escuelas en el área. Las nuevas familias con estudiantes que se muden a la zona de asistencia de estos campus asistirán:

  • Nuevos estudiantes de 1º al 5º grado en la zona de Hubenak asistirán a la Escuela Primaria McNeill.
  • Nuevos estudiantes de 1º al 5º grado en la zona de Huggins asistirán a la Escuela Primaria Morgan.<

Asimismo, el distrito se encuentra monitoreando de cerca las inscripciones en los siguientes campus y establecerá un límite de inscripciones cuando estos alcancen su capacidad:

  • Escuela Primaria Tamarron - Capacidad actual 1206 estudiantes
  • Escuela Primaria Frost - Capacidad actual 1118 estudiantes
  • Escuela Primaria Lindsey - Capacidad actual 1206 estudiantes

Una vez que se allá llegado al límite de capacidad, los nuevos estudiantes de 1º a 5º grado en la zona de Tamarron y Frost asistirán a la Primaria Jackson. Los estudiantes nuevos de 1º al-5º grado en la zona de Lindsey asistirán a la Primaria Morgan.


New Student Enrollment -- Welcome to Lamar CISD!

Please read the directions below to complete New Student Enrollment for the 2023 - 2024 school year.

Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten Qualifications


  • For Pre-K, a student must be 4 years of age on September 1 of the school year in which they start and be eligible for Pre-Kindergarten services. For eligibility requirements, please click here.
  • For Kindergarten, a student must be 5 years of age or older on September 1 of the school year in which they start.

Students New to Lamar CISD


Follow the below steps to enroll your child(ren) in our district:

Step 1: Find Your LCISD Zoned School:
Click here to locate your Zoned LCISD Campus

Step 2: Create a Family Access account and complete the New Student Online Enrollment

  • To complete the online enrollment for your student, you must have an email address you can access. Please have your email address username and password available before completing the directions below.
  • Create a Family Access Account (one per household) by clicking the Access Skyward button below. Once you have submitted your request for a Family Access Account, you will receive an email with a secure link to complete the New Student Online Enrollment Application for your student(s).

Click Here to Access Skyward

Step 3: Collect the following needed documentation for each student.

  • Proof of Residency: Closing documents or lease agreement or current fixed utility bill (gas, water, or electric) in parent/guardian’s name and address in Lamar CISD
  • A copy of parent/guardian government issued ID
  • Student Birth Certificate or Record of Birth or Passport
  • A copy of the student's Social Security Card (if available)
  • Student Immunization Record
    •  Please Note: If you would like your child to be exempted from school immunization requirements, review the process for obtaining the necessary affidavit by clicking here.
  • Academic Records from previous school -- most recent transcript or report card (depending on grade level)

Step 4: Contact Zoned Campus to Complete the Registration Process

  • After completing the New Student Online Registration Application, contact your zoned campus to provide the parent/student documentation and complete the campus enrollment procedures. Enrollment appointments will be available on the dates for the following grade levels:
    • Pre-K through Grade 5 (Zoned Elementaries): May 30 - June 13
    • All Grade Levels (Central Registration Centers): June 14 - July 20
    • All Grade Levels (All Zoned Campuses) July 26 - August 10
    • Please contact your zoned campus for registration occuring August 14 and after to arrange a date and time to complete the process as school will be in session. 

    Find contact information for your zoned campus in our School Directory.

    Need registration assistance? Please email

    ** LCISD uses SignUp Genius as a free tool to help organize registration. The District does not endorse the product nor any of its advertisers.

Intra or Inter District Transfer Requests

(Read below for qualifications before completing a request form)


The Board Policy for Intra-District Transfers FDB (LOCAL) can be found here,

The Board Policy for Inter-District Transfers FDA (LOCAL) can be found here.

  • If your student/s currently attend Lamar CISD and you move to a new address within Lamar CISD, you do not need to complete a transfer application. Instead, update your address in Family Access and contact the school your child will be attending to provide proof of residency (Your address will not be fully updated in Family Access until you present the Proof of Residency to the campus).

  • If you live in Lamar CISD and plan to move to another address within the first 6 weeks of a semester and want your student to start at their new school, please fill out the Intra-District Transfer application below.
  • If you live outside of Lamar CISD and plan to move to Lamar CISD within the first 6 weeks a semester, please fill out the Inter-District Transfer application below.

Once you receive the Transfer approval email, complete the steps listed above for Enrollment for your student/s.

Lamar CISD Employees have until 10 business days after the last day of school to submit their request for the following school year.

The following campuses are currently closed for transfers:
Hubenak Elementary and Huggins Elementary.


Register for Bus Service


Registration for bus service is a separate process from school registration.
Click below to register for bus service once your student registration process is complete.