Budget and Treasury Office

The Budget and Treasury Office is responsible for the preparation, adoption, support and monitoring of the Lamar CISD's annual budget.  The Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 44, governs the process for Texas school district budget preparation and adoption.  The Board of Trustees must adopt annually a budget consisting of three areas: General Fund, Debt Service and Food Service.

Lamar CISD has an annual operating budget of over $397 million.  This money is expended for salaries, student services, school and facility maintenance, and much more.  In addition, construction of new campuses and support facilities are funded through bond funds along with renovations to existing campuses.

The Budget and Treasury Office mission is to maximize the District's financial resources and equitably allocate them among our schools and departments to ensure the public's investment in our students, schools and employees is used ethically and appropriately.

Director of Budget and Treasury
Yvonne Dawson

Budget Analyst – State and Federal Programs
Amy Holik