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September Character Trait

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School Fundraiser

We are kicking off a GroupFund Donation fundraiser.
The attachment helps instruct parents to what we are doing if they want to help, or if they are worried about safety. This is new for the kids ages 13/under as a safety precaution.
Please visit the link to donate.


School Cash   

Purchase all your school items via School Cash! 
PE Uniforms * Event Tickets * Class Trips * Fun Food Friday * Class Fees, etc...
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School Cash



Click Link   Athletics

Book Fair in the Library

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Book Fair

Smart Tag / Bus Info

Smart Tag Flyer

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Hallway Leaman JH

No Food Deliveries


Early Check Out

Check Out Time

Bus Arrival Link

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Morning Car Rider Traffic Plan

Click the picture below to view the traffic plan for morning car rider traffic flow
Students may be dropped off starting at 8:10 a.m. Doors open at 8:20am

  1. When dropping off your child, please make sure you are pulling up as far as possible.   The white X below shows how far you go if nobody has stopped in front of you.
  2. Whenever your car stops, please let your child out at that spot so we can clear multiple cars at once.
  3. When the entire drive is filled up with cars, we can drop off 10-12 car loads of students at one time.

Please have your child grab their backpack, instrument and lunch kit and be ready to hop out quickly.   When you stop to get things out of the trunk or back seat, it takes time and slows down the line.

Morning Car2

Afternoon Car Rider Traffic Plan

Click the picture below to view the traffic plan for afternoon car rider traffic flow
Students need to be picked up at 4:30 PM.

  1. Pull up as far as you can if there is room open ahead of you.   Once the cars stop, your child should get in at that point.    The white x shows how far you should go if nobody has stopped in front of you.
  2. Please call or text your child prior to getting to the front so they are looking for your car and ready to come see you.
  3. We need students to jump into the car quickly so we can keep the line moving.

Afternoon Dismissal2

Smart Tag

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Leaman Jr. High Administration

School Counselors

Campus Principal
Michael Semmler

Assistant Principal
Karl Carlton

8th Grade Assistant Principal
Leslie Spencer

7th Grade Assistant Principal
Lisa Cirella
Students with last name A - Gr
Kevin Kracker -
(832) 223-5208

Students with last name Gs - Om
Azure Gaines-
(832) 223-5257

Students with last name On - Z
Latoya Session -
(832) 223-5209